What We Do

Northern Pipe, Inc. provides thorough inspections of sewer pipelines, landfill leachate lines, mainlines, and lateral connections on pipes as small as 4. We have equipped our team with the latest Closed-Circuit Televising (CCTV) systems along with being Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP), Manhole Assessment and Certification Program (MACP), and Life and Annuity Certified Professional (LACP) certified, ensuring a truly thorough inspection.

How We Do It

Our CCTV is used to provide customers with the most accurate evaluation of their sewer system or line. Using this tool, our team is able to inspect the true internal condition of a pipe, checking for structural defects including, cracks, fractures, off-set joints, and roots.

The lateral inspection involves inserting our Aries LETS (Lateral Evaluation Television System) camera into the site tee, vent, or clean-out. This system allows our crew to accomplish lateral line inspections from the mainline without needing access to private property. Our crew is then able to view the inside of the lateral in real time via computer. Off of the mainline we have the ability to lateral launch up to 120.

Following the service, you will receive a full color computer generated reports, full color snapshots of the defects found, and a copy of the video inspections all on a hard drive. Included within report will be all important information such as time, date, manhole/station numbers and operating personnel.

Sanitary Sewer

By utilizing CCTV inspections, our PACP, MACP, and LACP certified technicians can properly inspect all aspects of your sanitary sewer systems, providing detailed information for future maintenance.

  • Main Line
  • Lateral

Landfill Leachate Line

We pride ourselves on our experience partnering with waste management facilities. By working closely with government regulatory officials and using our CCTV inspection systems, our teams knowledge and expertise can properly evaluate and inspect landfill leachate lines to meet all guidelines, avoiding any penalties and environmental hazards.

Storm Sewer

To inspect underground storm sewer systems, our technicians use our CCTV systems allowing them to pan and zoom within the system to focus on specific elements such as puncturing or cracking. Our CCTV systems are inserted non-destructively and viewed in real time giving a clear and adequate perspective of the storm sewer system’s internal integrity.

Join Our Team

Northern Pipe, Inc. is always looking for enthusiastic workers to join our team in assisting the foremen of the cleaning and televising crews. If you're a  fast learner that enjoys working outdoors, download our application today!



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