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In the early 1970s, pipeline maintenance and inspection systems were anything but state-of-the-art. The first pipeline inspection cameras were 8mm cameras retrofitted into a steel tube with window glass fixed onto the open end to be used as a viewing port.

All-the-while, a dedicated group of individuals in Wisconsin have grown with the times, providing quality, low-maintenance parts and equipment for the changing world. The current cast of UEMSI/HTV and Televising has been in-place for nearly a decade, with three employees dating back to those early 8mm inspection systems.

In 1991, the Predator color push camera system proved to a steady, trouble-free system. Three years later, the economical Chaser black-and-white camera push camera system was added to the lineup. Later, the initial ProCam system improved both in color imagery as well as upgraded recording methods. It was later superseded by the ProCam DVR System, which has proved to be UEMSI/HTV’s best-selling camera.

Through the years, UEMSI/HTV has evolved its camera selection to provide duct inspection cameras, jetting cameras, pan-and-tilts as well as a full line of camera transports and underground location equipment.


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