A Trenchless Solution

There are many excavation situations where it’s just not possible to make and dig a trench or make an open cut. That’s where rock boring can come into play – when no other options are available, rock boring can be the solution. 


Rock boring is a method of excavation and drilling that allows for the laying of utilities, telecommunications cables, water and sewer pipes, and so much more.  

The end result of boring:

  • Results in Fewer Rock Fractures 
  • Provides Minimal Disturbance to Landscape 
  • Maximizes Efficiency 

By using specialized bits and high-power drilling rigs, it’s possible to bore through rock and other obstructed terrain without trenches. This makes it possible to lay pipes, cables, and more through areas that other methods simply can’t. 

Rock Boring at DDS

Unlike so many others, we have specialized equipment that allows us to perform rock boring. We know our clients’ work can’t truly begin until our work is done, and that’s why we’re committed to providing the best solutions. 

By tackling the problem in a straightforward manner, we can save clients valuable time and money. There’s no better way to tackle a project than head on, and that’s exactly what we do here at DDS. 

Put your rock boring project in the hands of the experts at DDS. We’d love to take on your project and see it through – call us at 920-468-7074 or contact us today!