Tackling the Tough Jobs

Rock sawing is an excavation solution that fills a niche – it allows workers to dig through otherwise difficult materials. In rocky terrain, there’s no substitute for the benefits that rock sawing can provide to clients – keeping noise and vibration down while bringing the best end results.  

The Benefits of Rock Sawing

Not every job requires rock sawing, but the ones that do simply couldn’t be done without it. This specialized service is a perfect fit for several situations: 

Otherwise Impassable Terrain

When rocks and other obstacles simply can’t be bypassed, rock sawing is one of the only solutions strong enough to get the work done. 

Mitigating Interruption to Communities

Rock sawing often brings fewer vibrations and disturbances to the structures and communities around and above the work area. 

High-Precision Work

For jobs requiring a thin margin of error and precision excavation, rock sawing can make precise cuts and leave the site with well-finished surfaces. 

Rock Sawing at DDS

The professionals at Directional Drilling Services have years of experience in executing difficult jobs in challenging environments and completing work in a cost-effective and quality-focused manner. 

When work needs to be completed, there’s no substitute for the solutions that DDS can provide. Fill out our contact form to contact our team and let us know what work you’ve got coming up.